Hotels Simplify Midscale Model

Some mid-range hotels offer guests services that you won’t find at other establishments. From bagels to bed linens, the distinction is in the details. Brands that understand the following three variables are raking in the cash. Simple solutions can make the difference, as hotels compete to satisfy customers in the midscale space.

Comfortable Sleep

The main reason that guests book a hotel room is to get some rest. Good mattresses, quality sheets, and comfortable pillows make for a sound sleeping session. Rooms designed to reduce noise help improve customer satisfaction.

Hi-tech Integration

Mobile apps, Wi-Fi technology, flat-screen televisions, and videocasting capabilities are some of the high-tech options that midscale hotels are offering guests. Technology helps to create a pleasant end-to-end guest experience.

Midscale hotels across the country are jumping on the breakfast bandwagon. It’s a perk that’s got customers checking out with full bellies and warm, toasty feelings about the brand that just fed the family. Taking the extra step to provide high-quality food options creates customer loyalty.

Several companies are moving into the midscale hotel space. If they focus on quality in these three areas, they will position the brands to serve the unique needs of the mid-range traveler.