Finding somewhere to stay when you’re on the road

Hotel requirements can be a little different when you’re looking for a simple pit stop on a long journey. Amenities like spas, pools and bars that may be important for longer stays in exotic locations simply don’t matter as much when you’re just looking for somewhere to lay your head. This is particularly the case for those who drive for a living – who often have specific requirements for their overnight accommodation. This article is designed to help those who are new to the world of long-distance driving find out what to look for when they are staying somewhere on the road.


This is very important. Anyone who has fitted their van with brand new van racking will know that they can carry thousands of pounds worth of tools and other equipment. All of these will be safely stored in the racking to remove the risk of them breaking when the van is on the road, but none of this will matter if the van is broken into and the equipment is stolen.

This risk can be significantly reduced by choosing a hotel that has 24-hour staffing and security. Secure parking that is underground or otherwise indoors is generally best, although it’s important to check that the height restriction for this type of parking is tall enough to accommodate the van. If the parking is outdoors then try and park the van as close to the hotel entrance as possible so that it is in sight of a member of staff at all times.

The room

Most people who drive for a living arrive at hotels late at night and leave early the next morning. This means that a good night’s sleep is the most important thing for them and there are a few things that can help contribute to this. The first is a comfortable bed. Even mid-range hotels such as Premier Inn and Travelodge now compete on the comfort of the beds that they provide and have spent a significant amount of money upgrading them in recent years. The next is soundproofing. Noise from the corridor or an adjacent room can ruin a hotel stay. For this reason, many drivers prefer to avoid connecting rooms as the door between their room and the next one can allow a significant amount of noise to seep through.

Last on the essentials list, but still very important, is a good shower, which allows the driver to leave the hotel fresh and clean and ready to hit the road for another day. Hotels that get all of these things right tend to be very popular with long-distance drivers and can build up very large and loyal customer bases who return again and again. Similarly, bad reputations can spread quickly, so it is very important for these operators to remain at the top of their game.