Hotel Wallpaper Trends: Where Art Meets Hospitality

Wallpaper has often been overlooked in the hotel industry and perhaps seen as old-fashioned. However, the luxury end of the market, and boutique hotels in particular, now recognise the individuality that wallpaper can bring. Simply having plain, painted walls can make a hotel look generic, with no ambience to help it stand out from the crowd. And the guests who are prepared to pay a little more for luxury, want to see something unique.

Making a Statement with Wallpaper

Contemporary hotels are now favouring bigger, bolder prints, as can be found on the website with its huge range of modern designs. Think of abstract art, oversized florals, tropical florals and tropical motifs; images that transform ordinary walls into memorable focal points. With the rise in importance of social media, having a unique feature can encourage guests to upload photos which in turn attracts more clients.

Textures and Trends

With the advances in the printing industry, renowned wallpaper platforms such as can now offer textured papers. Embossed patterns and velvet-like finishes invite the guests to interact with the decor, to linger and admire their surroundings. A quick search on reveals over 30 different textured wallpapers to choose from.

Being on trend is also a key requisite for boutique hotels. There can be nothing more embarrassing for them than to be behind their competitors! Once again, saves the day, with a specialist section of new releases from all the major brands. Local inspiration is another popular theme, and photo-based wallpaper can draw inspiration from nearby landmarks and viewpoints. This will be particularly popular with out-of-town guests.

Overall, boutique hotels are undoubtedly at the forefront of wallpaper design, using it as an engaging platform to create distinctive and memorable rooms, enjoyed by all the guests.