Hospitality Trends: Catering to the Modern Nicotine User

Hotels are always going to be in demand, whether they are luxury brands or appeal to the lower economic market. But with strong competition in the industry, they need to meet the needs of today’s modern travellers. That could include what amenities are in the rooms, or how the communal spaces are designed. With the increasing rise in the use of Velo nicotine pouches, hotel managers need to be mindful of this new trend.

The New Amenity in Hotel Rooms?

Anybody visiting a luxury hotel decades ago would not have been surprised to see a book of matches and an ashtray in their room. Now, smoking is actually illegal in indoor spaces and hotels need to reflect other ways that their guests can relax. Forward-thinking managers may embrace the idea of providing Velo nicotine pouches in the rooms. They are easy to dispose of and leave no mess, thus not requiring the room to undergo deep cleaning when the guest departs.

Travellers today need to have no fear that their nicotine habits will be frowned upon in luxury hotels. The use of pouches is very much welcomed, as they are discreet and will not offend other guests, leading to an enjoyable stay for everyone.