Mobile Apps Increase Guest Satisfaction

Hotels that integrate mobile app technology into the booking process are drawing more tech-savvy consumers. Apps are quick, easy to use, and offer direct access to up-to-date information, such as pricing and availability. Mobile mania provides a few perks that help hotels to boost customer satisfaction.

Direct Booking

Mobile apps help brands to build direct relationships with customers. Guests need only access the app to book rooms or provide feedback. Online agents have lower customer satisfaction. With a direct connection, the hotel can protect the end-to-end customer experience.


Loyalty programs increase the likelihood that consumers will book directly with the hotel. Customer satisfaction with direct hotel booking is almost 20 percent higher than when the guest books accommodation through a third-party.

Feedback is essential to any mobile app strategy. A high percentage of customers will leave feedback on social media channels. People who take the time to share the experience are usually satisfied with the service. Most mobile apps have social media integration.

Mobile technology offers guests convenience during the booking process. The app is a constant companion, ensuring a seamless process. Direct access, customer rewards, and robust functionality increase the chance that guests enjoy the hotel experience.