Hotels for Travellers: Convenience over Comfort

Travelling is one of the most popular holiday activities across the world today. People literally want to leave everything that entails their daily life and go to a faraway place to unwind, rest and relax whenever they can.

Hotels are inseparable from travellers. Whenever a traveller sets out on a world tour, they need a place to stay for the days they remain in an area. The choice of hotels is usually a significant factor put into consideration when choosing where to stay.

Many people usually go for the highest rated hotels and end up paying a fortune for a place in which they spend just a few hours each day. That should, however, not be the case. As a traveller, you should first consider what convenience a given hotel will offer you and your trip. Remember, you are out to see the world, and not to find the comfort of a new home.

Before stones fly, it is important to say that there is nothing wrong with staying at the five stars rated and above hotels in the world. Everyone loves a good splash once in a while. Who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend kicking about on an ikea ektorp sofa cover settee anyway? The glory such sofas bring is one reason everyone goes on holiday.

People who are looking purely for a hotel experience are thus more than right when they pick a five-star. They are probably going to spend more time in the hotel than outside it during their stay. The group in question here, however, is that of holidaymakers who go sightseeing. People who only go to the hotel to sleep, then hop out at dawn to catch up with the next adventure.

Such people will find better value for money sleeping in less glamorous hotels. Make no mistake though; less exciting does not mean less decent here. It means a hotel that does not inflate costs by offering in its package items that a seasoned traveller is unlikely to use.

Such hotels are still concerned about patrons’ comfort, safety and health in general. They, however, do not pamper their package with items such as presidential suites and fantastic room service. These are the kind of hotels that respond to a customer’s call for a place to lay their head for the night, then be on their way.

The desire for this kind of hotel service is what has led to the growth of accommodation models like Airbnb. People love such home accommodation packages because they offer the most basic facility that they are looking for; a place to stay. There are still some travellers who enjoy the traditional way of things and thus prefer hotels to home accommodation. For such adventure travellers, the number of stars should not be their guiding factor when choosing places to stay. Unless of course, part of their travel involves lavishness!