The Importance of Good Hotel Lighting

When looking for a decent hotel, many guests focus on the overall service, interior design, and location. Lighting tends to be overlooked. However, this is one of the main ways of conveying the tone of an establishment. It is a good idea for hotel owners to purchase their lighting products from Royal Design. Doing so will ensure their property is illuminated in a way that impresses guests. Several forms of lighting are worth considering.

Stylish Chandeliers

A chandelier is perfect for making a room look as elegant as it possibly can. It also creates a photo opportunity for guests, which in turn could increase the appeal of the hotel. If customers look through the lighting selection from Royal Design, they will see several different chandeliers available. It is best to go for one that suits the individual aesthetic of the hotel.

Bedside Lamps

Since the light emitted from e-readers can interrupt sleep, more people are choosing to go back to the traditional paper-based form of reading. This means that hotel rooms will need to have suitable bedside lamps in place. The ones provided by Royal Design offer enough illumination to read without being too bright before bedtime.

Overhanging Pendants

This is another way to add a touch of class to the room. They are particularly ideal for large meeting rooms and dining tables. The light beams down from above, but unlike more conventional lighting, the pendants offer an additional metallic gleam.

Seasonal Lighting

Many hotels continue to open their doors during the holiday season as this is often the busiest time of the year. When late November/early December comes around, the addition of Christmas lights can make the establishment look more inviting.

Coloured Glass

Several Royal Design products have coloured glass in hues such as green and maroon. Around the world, some companies have utilised mood lighting to distinguish their accommodation. Hotel owners may wish to do the same. They could choose a colour of glass that goes with their overall interior design scheme. That way, they will create a sense of consistency which guests will appreciate.

Bulb Candles

Whilst traditional candles have their place, they can also pose a fire hazard and will blow out eventually. If hotels use candles shaped like lightbulbs; instead, the light will last longer and brighter. A bulb candle set up is ideal for the Christmas season as well.